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Exacrypt Security

“Exacrypt Security: Fortify Your Future, Defend with Confidence”

We are a leading cybersecurity firm based in Kenya, committed to safeguarding organizations and individuals from the ever-evolving cyber threats of the digital age.

Exacrypt Security Services

Ease the challenge of facing the latest threats alone

Training Academy

At Exacrypt Security Limited, we believe that the best defense against cyber threats is a well-trained and knowledgeable team. That’s why we are thrilled to present our comprehensive lineup of dynamic and hands-on training courses designed to empower individuals and organizations in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

Offensive Security

We offer a comprehensive cybersecurity service that aims to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within your organization's infrastructure, applications, and security measures.

Cyber Defense

A comprehensive Incident Response service designed to help your organization swiftly detect, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents, minimizing its impact & restoring normal operations.

Examine the source of your cybersecurity concerns.

Exacrypt Security envisions a world where cyber threats are mitigated, and technology is harnessed without fear, enabling organizations and individuals to utilize digital assets confidently.

We empower businesses and individuals with robust cybersecurity solutions, enabling them to thrive in a secure digital environment.

We strive to stay ahead of emerging threats and offer cutting-edge services to fortify our clients’ defenses against cyber adversaries.

Our Partners

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Expertise: Join Our Cutting-Edge Training Academy